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Blue Ox
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Real-time automation boosts productivity and reduces costs—from the forest to the mill.

Transporting logs from a harvest site to a mill represents up to 51 percent of the total cost of forest products processing. That's too much money at stake to risk having an inefficient transportation process. Now you can dramatically cut costs by increasing efficiency—with the new Blue Ox™ forestry automation system from Trimble.

The Blue Ox system collects and processes real-time data about your logging and trucking operations, and lets you use that information to your best advantage. Reduce loading wait times, eliminate traffic bottlenecks that waste time and fuel, and gain more backhaul opportunities. With more efficient routing and scheduling, plus streamlined communication between loaders, truck drivers and dispatchers, you can make your entire operation more profitable.

The legend of Babe the Blue Ox

The tale tells it that Babe the Blue Ox was so strong he could pull anything with two ends. Paul Bunyon used Babe to straighten out twisted logging roads, cutting the time and distance from the forest to the mill. log pile Today, Blue Ox Forestry Automation from Trimble accomplishes the same thing – using industry-specific intelligence and real-time communication instead of brute force to make your forestry supply chain more efficient.

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